Love Drunk

~ Short and Sweet with a Scorch of Heat ~

Am I a lip woman? I never thought of myself as a lip woman before. Yet the undeniable truth is that this man has lips that beg to be kissed.

So, I do.


Security and happiness were my way of life in Dalliance County, West Virginia.

Then Devin (aka The Blender) happened and pulverized my sweet, feel-good life into pure poop.

Add in bitchy office drama at work, and I can barely make it through each day.

Winter is here.

Drab, dreary, endlessly cold winter.

I don’t even bake cupcakes any more. My food passion!

But then buying cat food changes my life.

As I’m standing in line, a smoking hot stranger to our small town asks if I’m going to yoga in the park.

Is that the sun? Have robins burst into song? Are spring flowers blossoming?

No, it’s him.

And all his glorious possibilities.

Oh, spring has sprung!


So far, I haven’t seen anything of interest while taking a short vacation to visit my country cousin.

Get me back to New York City!

Then I pop into a corner store on my way to do a favor and fill in as the yoga instructor.

And there she is in all her lush, curvy glory.

I know with certainty that every woman I’ve had before has been a mere snack compared to this abundant feast before me.

She better come to yoga in the park.

After that, I hope to teach her so much more.

All the feels!

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