Lasso Me

Book cover for Lasso Me by Silva Hart

Like jalapeno ice cream, this one-hour romance is lots of sweet with loads of heat. 


Of all the places in the world, why did her parents have to drag her to a luxury dude ranch resort in Montana?  What can she possibly do? 

Handsome, muscled cowboy, Corban Winters, has some ideas. 

“Want to help me feed the horses?” he asks.

Ever since the accident, the strong, confident cowboy is the very first person to act as if Cassie Stanton’s wheelchair not only isn’t a big deal but doesn’t even exist.  He manages to make her feel like a normal woman again.  The fact that he is underwear-model hot is simply a bonus. 

But then she watches as he takes one female guest after another out for a horseback ride and a picnic.  The women return disheveled and flushed. 

Is the resort paying him for more than his horse sense?  Or is she making assumptions about him based on his looks just as people make assumptions about her based on her wheelchair? 

After all, she’s the one he can’t take his eyes off of.

Insta love, a runaway horseback ride, passion on a forest floor, and HEA. 


A filthy quickie is a terrible thing to pass up.  So, go ahead.  You deserve it!

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