Love Drunk

Feel Good New Adult Romance  

At twenty-seven, self-made billionaire Riker Bittencourt is bored.  Every man is jealous of him.  And every woman wants to trick him into having her baby.  Women hear his name or recognize his face and fawn all over him.  But none seem to genuinely like him for him but only for his money and what he can do for them. 

Until now.

Lusty, lascivious Raine acts completely normal and natural around him, as if she has no idea who he is and doesn’t even notice how wealthy he is.  Plus, her curves drive him wild.

She is hot, horny, and unrehearsed.  And Riker never knows what she’s going to get him into next.  Her uncensored, unselfconscious desire fascinates him and leaves him craving more.

As he learns that she’s an alcoholic, his singular purpose becomes to help the passionate and provocative woman who has changed his life overnight so completely.

A shameless seduction, passion on the Staten Island Ferry, a trip to the hospital, and HEA.



Sweet, steamy stand-alone with no cliff-hangers or cheating.


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